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Bad Blogger

Bad blogger. Bad, bad blogger: I haven’t posted anything in quite a while. I’ve been finishing up the second book, and working on a short story or two. I’m on track to finish it by the end of the month, and ship it off to my editor and agent.

Recent good news: My short story, “The Admiral’s House,” be in the forthcoming Ash-Tree Press anthology of supernatural stories, At Ease with the Dead, coming out at the end of this month. Another ghost story, “Down Time,” will be in the next issue of All Hallows, the journal of The Ghost Story Society.


Another year of Killers

If you are thriller/mystery/suspense writer whose debut novel is being published in 2008, go to to learn more about Killer Year 2008.

Killer Year began in 2007 as a group of debut thriller/suspense authors who banded together to help promote each other. In the end thirteen authors were involved. Efforts that they used in promotion included the Killer Year blog, Killer Year website, a chap book mailed to several hundred independent booksellers, organizing Killer Year panels at various conferences and bookseller events, and producing a Killer Year anthology which will be published by St. Martin’s in 2008.

For their hard work, they’ve received major press coverage, radio interviews and feature articles as well as the sponsorship of ITW.

So get ready, because 2008 is gonna be another Killer Year.

For more details go to

Application deadline is June 15, 2007.

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