Blogger naps, Killer debuts hit stores

While I’ve been bad and lazy and not posting, three of my Killer Year compadres have released their debut novels.

First up was Dave White, notorious short-story writer and Rutgers football fan. Some people just can’t help themselves, I guess. His When One Man Dies should do for the PI novel what Yuen Wo Ping did for fight choreography.

White cover

“When Gerry Figuroa is killed in a hit and run, his pal, Jersey P.I. Jackson Donne, is hired to investigate. Donne soon discovers that Figuroa may not have been quite the innocent he seemed. A second case leads Donne to a dead body on the steps of Drew University. As he digs deeper, Donne uncovers a drugs connection, and it quickly becomes clear that certain people would rather he dropped his investigation. Soon his ex-cop partner shows up bent on shattering everything, and Donne finds his past hurtling towards him with a vengeance.”

Then came the awesome Derek Nikitas, chronicler of upstate New York smalltown life. (About which I know something, for my sins. My first wife was from a small town on the Niagara Frontier. I have eaten the Friday night fish fry and drunk the Genny Cream Ale of these towns.) His novel Pyres hit the bookstores while I was away somewheres, probably sleeping on the couch. But don’t you miss it.

Nikitas cover

“When a folklore professor is shot dead in his car, the crime smashes together the lives of three disparate women: his anguished teenage daughter, a detective facing her own family’s collapse, and the pregnant former-junkie girlfriend of the killer. These three women must choose where to aim their last shots at redemption, even as they face a gang of barbaric thugs who torch homes and lives for a thrill.”

Last but very far from least, Nashvillienne J.T. Ellison’s All the Pretty Girls is now in a bookstore near you. This is the coolest cover I have seen in all my fucking life. Well, right up there, anyway.

Ellison cover

“A vicious, highly mobile killer is terrorizing the Southeast. Showing no mercy to his victims, he leaves a trail of mutilated bodies faster than investigators can process the crime scenes. Nashville Homicide Detective Taylor Jackson, working with FBI profiler John Baldwin, must follow the killer along his devious path. How many will die if they don’t succeed?”

Lots of reading to do. Get these guys now. Just read them.


2 Responses to “Blogger naps, Killer debuts hit stores”

  1. October 27, 2007 at 6:23 pm

    Marc, thanks for the shout out!!! This Nashvillienne appreciates your kind words. ; )

  2. 2 lexie marshall
    January 13, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    You are one sick crazy twisted depraved witty individual please keep up the good work I have just finished your book and I LOVED IT can hardly wait until its on the big screen just brilliant that was really the funniest wittiest book i have read in ages thank you
    Waiting for your next installement
    Lexie Marshall

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