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Booklovers play rough

Let’s see, elbow pads, knee pads, crowbar (for prying books loose from old ladies who won’t buy them but won’t put them back), backpack rated to 80 lbs., sports crème for strains and bruises, wrist brace (for lifting those 1000-page-plus reference books)—okay, I’m ready for the Friends of the SF Library book sale.


Libraries: Socialism at work

I’ve been thinking a lot about libraries lately, probably because my book addiction is out of control in spite of a thorough shelf-culling both before and after we moved. So it would be better, much better, to have guest books that could be returned to some other bookshelf than the ones in my apartment.

Free libraries are pure socialism, no doubt an invention of the devil to the bugfuck-crazy teabags who don’t want to be helped at any cost, lest they should be asked to pay a nickel to help someone else.

But I have always loved libraries.

I was delighted to find out that Vinnie’s Head had been purchased by libraries in Singapore and Tasmania. And jazzed to find it on the shelf at the wonderful public library in downtown LA. I spent hours in libraries, from the time I could read until I could afford to buy my own books (something that happened fairly late in life). And now in the difficult condition of partial and uncertain employment, I’m spending that time in them once again.

What a pleasure.

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