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Trying to provide a cuisine for the invented world in my new novel, I thought I had invented a truly horrifying sauce made of rotting dead fish. (The main character is very fond of it.)

Late to the party, as usual.

The ancient Romans beat me to it with a disgusting concoction made out of fish parts left over from cleaning (heads, tails, guts) and allowed to ferment.

The yummy liquids resulting were skimmed off and used as a condiment called garum. The guts etc. left behind were pounded to a paste and eaten.

“The very best garum, according to the Geoponica, is called haimatum. It was made with solely the innards of the tuna, including blood and gills. These are put in a pot with salt, and after two months the liquid is garum.”—Coquinaria

You can, if you really want to, learn more about garum at the Coquinaria website, including recipes for making it yourself:


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